A New Mindset: Improving Your Life with the Resources You Have

Everyone has, at some point or another, been at a point in life where they did not feel like they had enough. I personally have felt this way – before starting my real estate investing business, I worked in a corporate investing position. There were many ups and downs, and there were times when I felt like I’d never have the life I truly wanted. These situations can be extremely stressful and disheartening, and can inhibit your ability to make progress towards your goals.

When you’re struggling to pay your rent or take care of your family, you may feel like you will never find a way out. However, by changing your actions and your mindset, you can make significant strides towards a life of financial stability and personal contentment. The trick is to take the resources you do have and use them to your advantage. By taking my passion and knowledge of real estate and using it to pursue my own investment career, I found that soon many aspects of my life improved, personally, professionally and financially.

Know your worth, and focus on building your confidence.

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Overcoming the Fears That Hold Real Estate Investors Back from Achieving Success

As a new and inexperienced real estate investor, you may find that you experience fear and apprehension as a regular part of your daily life. Real estate investing can be risky and this can stop even some of the most talented people in the world from pursuing their dreams in the industry. Some people are afraid of experiencing failure, some are afraid of losing money and some are afraid that by making the jump to real estate investing, they will lose their career. While these fears are understandable, there is a way to push through them and achieve the success that you know you deserve.

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Robert Syfert Appears on the Success Forwarded Podcast

Robert Syfert, founder of USA Portfolio Real Estate is a guest on this months Success Forwarded podcast.

Listen as Robert shares his experiences and insights into the systems he has created that has allowed him to sell over 220 investment properties and managed over 400 rental units.

Is Out-Of-State Real Estate Investing Right for You?

Have you made up your mind to start investing in real estate, but you’re torn in deciding where to invest?

Are you thinking about making a local investment, but wondering if an out-of-state investment might be better?

This is one of the first of many choices you’ll have to make when you decide to invest in real estate: the simple question of where you should invest your hard-earned dollars. While there are definite benefits to investing in your area, there are also some potentially profit-limiting downsides.

That’s not to say investing in outside areas doesn’t have its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at both and see why out-of-state real estate investing might be a profitable option you have not yet explored.

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Tenant Turnover on Your Investment Rental Properties

Do you want to know some secrets for preventing tenant turnover in your Single-Family Rental (SFR) or other real estate investment rental properties?

Is the vacancy period between tenants eating too much into your profit margin?

As a landlord of a rental investment property, one of the most crucial tasks in which you should invest your time and energy is finding and retaining outstanding tenants. After all, these folks pay their rent on time, take great care of your property, and definitely make your life easier.

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Single Family Rental (SFR) Real Estate Investing

As the explosion in real estate investment has taken place, a popular means of achieving excellent cash flow has been through single-family rentals, or SFRs. Let’s take a closer look at this growing method of getting involved in real estate investment, so you can decide whether it is for you.

What is SFR investing?

With an SFR investment, you are purchasing a single-family rental unit, rehabilitating it, and then getting tenants into the property to generate recurring rental income. This can take place either within your home real estate market or another, but often it is more profitable to look outside your geographic locale.

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Property Management Services – A Real Estate Investor’s Best Friend

Do you own an investment property that you’re renting out, and you’re currently handling all of the chores of being a landlord yourself?

Are you thinking about investing in rental properties, but you’re not sure if you’re up for the task of being a landlord?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, whether you are holding onto or considering investing in a single-family rental (SFR), duplex, or triplex, you should think about engaging a professional property management firm to take the work off your shoulders.

Let’s take a look at what property management is, what a professional management company handles, and how to decide not only if it’s time to hire one but also how to hire the right property management firm.

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