Become a Layaway Angel this Christmas


Christmas is a time to get together with family and friends, to partake in parties, to exchange gifts and spend time with our loved ones. There is no singular true meaning of Christmas. While it does celebrate the birth of Jesus, it has a much larger meaning.

Christmas is a joyous time when people should think beyond their own wishes or desires. While perfectly normal and necessary to cater to one’s own needs, it is also important to do something for the greater good.

Caring for people, looking out for one another, being kind, compassionate and indulging in selfless deeds is what Christmas should be about. Each year, millions of people donate to various causes and do their bit, regardless of the scope of the impact or the financial value of the act. Last year, we did something different in our efforts to give back, by becoming layaway angels.

Every year, people around the country make deposits towards a hopeful purchase. Many of these items are going to be presents for their kids. From toys to clothes, parents across the country try to secure a gift in manner so it is affordable, only to not be able to complete the layaway before Christmas.

Last year, we went to our local Wal-Mart, spoke to the manager to make the open layaways available for us. We looked for toys and items that kids would love as they most likely were for presents. We spent $500 to close out five layaways and did so anonymously. The purchase was completed and the manager called up the five families to inform them that their items have been paid for by an anonymous donor. The overjoyed families later collected their items from the store without having to pay the remaining amount. Besides the excitement for the family, you should have seen how uplifting it was for the manager to share the good news with the family.

We were so moved by the experience that we have now made this our family’s annual tradition and would like to reach out to all our friends to join us as layaway angels this year. Even if it is one inexpensive gift anyone pays for and one life that anyone touches, it is worthwhile indeed.

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