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Real Estate Investor, Mentor and Founder of USA Portfolio Real Estate

Robert Syfert

Robert Syfert is the President of Portfolio Property Management, Inc and founder of USA Portfolio Real Estate which offers Wholesale and Turnkey Real Estate opportunities to investors wanting to avoid the dangers and pitfalls of investing in today’s market.

For over a decade, Robert has been involved in all aspects of real estate. His introduction started in the early 2000’s, working as a loan officer and eventually coming to own his own branch. From 2007 to 2014, Robert was an investment advisor in charge of portfolio’s valued in excess of $2 million and he personally handled more than 300 estates.

It was natural with this background that Robert found a passion in Real Estate investing. He began investing in real estate throughout the Detroit Metro area. Within a short time, his portfolio grew to over 30 rental properties; to now where he has bought and sold over 300 investment properties, managed over 400 rental units and Real Estate investing is his full time profession.

After years of being one of the leading real estate investors in Michigan, Robert started USA Portfolio Real Estate, so he could expand his turn-key real estate services to investors across the nation.

Today, Robert is considered one of the leading experts in the field of turn-key real estate investing. As a member of the REWW mentorship team, Robert specializes in showing investors how to invest long distance, manage properties, raise capital and maximize their investing dollars.