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Real estate investments can be rewarding and lucrative. At USA Portfolio Real Estate we offer a range of funding and investor services that streamline the process and maximize the return on your investment.


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USA Portfolio Real Estate’s team of experts scour the nation’s looking for the best opportunities for real estate investors and vet them fully before offering them to our investment partners.


The NEW SOLUTION to Successful Real Estate Investing!

Finding and managing a great real estate investment is a very lengthy process. You need to scout out great homes that have the potential to make a profit. You need to rehab the property to get rid of any maintenance issues in a way that is still cost-effective. You need to either rent out the property to amazing tenants, or find a great buyer to sell it to. Seems like a tall order, doesn’t it?

Wholekey real estate investing simplifies this process for you, so you can be as involved in your investment as you want, without the frustrating challenges that you’ve experienced investing on your own.

The NEW SOLUTION to Successful Real Estate Investing!

Wholekey Investing

Giving investors the best of both worlds: involvement, advising, and professional property management with flexibility and minimal risk.
Wholekey Investing